iOS: How Does "Current Location" Weather work?

Modified on Wed, 20 Oct 2021 at 11:30 AM

The News App now offers the ability to "fine-tune" the weather data delivered, based upon your "Current Location".  Your map coordinates will be read by the Location Services available on your mobile device, and the applicable Zip Code will be determined.  The weather data will then be derived for the Zip Code reported.

When the app is first installed, launched, and the "Weather" section is selected it will ask:

- Allow Current Location?

- Would you like to get weather information based on your current location?

- Answering "Yes" will then bring up another box confirming that you want to

- Allow Station to access this device's location?

By answering "Allow" will activate Location Services and set the permission/rights in the OS for this app only.  Your OS and the app will record these settings on your device, will find your location, and download the appropriate weather data when you launch the app.
(Note: If the app is uninstalled or reinstalled these settings will likely need to be re-entered.)

If you do not select "Current Location" and/or do not allow the app to find your current location, the weather data will be derived based on the location of the station's building.  This automated data is received by the closest National Weather Service's station provided which is typically located at an airport or some other well-known location within the station's broadcast area. 


-Further refinement of your position beyond the Zip Code level is not currently available within the app.

- The weather for any specific Zip Code area is a composite for the area and its accuracy may vary in mountainous terrain where major elevation changes can be present.

- You can "Turn Off Current Location" weather option within the app at any time and the weather reported will be for the News Station's general broadcast area.  

- This action does not disable "Location Services", so other apps or functions using this service will still function.

- Choosing to again use the "Current Location" option may require two steps:

    - Activate "Location Services" on the device.

    - Select "Turn On Current Location" in the app.