When the published date for news articles appears out of sequence there are several probable causes.  

Items #1 and #2 below are "editor's choice" situations and are not errors in the app.  Typically, these are short-term decisions applied in particular circumstances.

  1. The editors may have deliberately chosen to keep important or featured articles in a more prominent position for several days, and as a result the dates would appear out-of-sequence.

  2. The news articles you might expect to find in specific "Sections" of the site/app (like "Local") may not appear in those sections immediately if they have actually been coded to appear as a "Homepage Showcase" story, placing it in the prominent list of "Front Page" stories.

  3. The "feed" for {{ticket.product_description}} may have been interrupted or become corrupted affecting the sort-order for stories.

If many articles are out-of-sequence, please let us know as this would be an indication of the #3 (feed) problem which we can investigate and correct.